Shepherds Grove Residential Homes

Tuesday June 02 2020

Manchester I & II - 1,874 square feet Cambridge I & II   |   Coventry I & II   |   Oxford I & II

Front Elevation Rear Elevation Side Elevation

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The Manchester I and Manchester II

1,874 Square Feet

1.   Master Bedroom (13'x16')
2.   Master Bathroom (5'x13')
3.   Walk-In Closet (8'x10')
4.   Laundry (13'x8')
5.   Bedroom (10'x11')
6.   Covered Patio (15'x7')
7.   Living Room (15'x19')
8.   Dining Room (15'x12')
9.   Kitchen (13'x20')
10. Entry (9'x6')
11. Bathroom (13'x6')
12. Utilities (6'x3')
13. Garage (22'x21')
14. Pantry (4"x5")

a Natural gas fireplace (optional)
b enclosed (optional)
c base and/or wall cabinets (optional)


These are an artist's renderings, conceptual only, and based on current development concepts which are subject to change without notice.
The developer expressly reserves the right to make modifications in its sole discretion. No guarantee is made that the facilities, features, amenities, or dimensions depicted will be built, or if built, will be the same type, size or nature as depicted.

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